Clubmark criteria

For those of you committed to gaining Clubmark accreditation, or if you are renewing your Clubmark status, all the criteria and types of evidence required are detailed here.

It is worth noting that some NGBs have their own club badged accreditation (which incorporate all the Clubmark criteria). These include, for example, Hockey's Clubs First, Netball CAPS,  Volley 1,2,3 and the FA's Charter Standard. Find the full list of names here. You need to check whether the NGB in your sport applies additional criteria relevant to its sport. You will need to complete these to attain Clubmark accreditation.

You may be tempted to download the Clubmark criteria directly and just start gathering evidence. That is fine, but if you wish to gather a few tips and to understand more about Clubmark in general, go to Clubmark explained.

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