Why get Clubmark?

Achieving Clubmark status can bring many benefits for your club. We take a closer look at some of them here:

  • Accreditation actively encourages clubs to be better organised and work together more effectively
  • You'll soon see the difference!
  • Clubmark promotes a culture that recognises hard work and dedication
  • Achieving accreditation can attract more people to get involved
  • The volunteer codes of conduct have helped many clubs understand who does what and helps to recognise their contribution to the Club
  • Achieving Clubmark makes you think about how your club caters for all members
  • It also helps to generate a real team spirit so that players, officials and volunteers are enthused and engaged
  • Clubmark accreditation helps clubs attract new members of all ages
  • It helps clubs build a strong future
  • Many funding bodies actively look for Clubmark accreditation or require clubs to be working towards it before they consider offering funding
  • Clubmark can make a big difference to the success of your funding application
  • Some local councils and leisure operators give priority-booking slots to Clubmark accredited clubs
  • Some also offer discounted rates for facility hire
  • By addressing issues like safeguarding/child protection and equity, people will have increased confidence in your organisation when considering which club to join
  • All Clubmark clubs must ensure that coaches have received appropriate training and have the right qualifications which give you confidence that standards will be maintained and performance improved
  • Part of the accreditation process is to encourage school club links so that you know that Clubmark accredited clubs will be receptive to taking in young people
  • Many schools encourage their young people to look to Clubmark accredited clubs as their first port of call
  • There is no doubt Clubmark is highly valued and raises a club’s profile with local councils, NGBs and other sporting and community bodies.
  • All accredited clubs are listed on the Clubmark national database to help them to publicise what they do, to attract new members and to grow
  • In addition there is information on the website giving ideas on how you can use Clubmark to raise your profile
  • Clubmark gives clubs the confidence to promote themselves
  • All Clubmark clubs can use the official logo and other brand resources as well as bespoke information to help generate more publicity
  • The universal brand, recognising quality clubs across more than 50 sports is a valuable marketing tool

Partner offers

We work with selected partners to enable clubs to benefit from discounts on a wide range of goods and services including sports equipment and group holidays. All accredited clubs can take advantage of these exciting offers.

There is also the opportunity to access a specially created fundraising website and we are always looking for new Clubmark partrners to offer clubs additional benefits

Click the Partner Offers section for more information.